I'm a technologist by day, most nights, some weekends, practically every holiday and during the time they force me to take vacation. I have two amazing children who let me be their Father every other weekend, two weeks a year and alternating Fourths of July. I almost certainly have a lot of hobbies I neglect because of the two activities previously listed but I play guitar almost every day because it's cheaper than chugging Woodford's. You know, once you get past paying for guitars and amps... I mean, it's an ROI thing not a TCO thing.

My title, as cool as it is, hardly explains what I've been doing over the last few decades as a technologist. I change things. Starting with simple, strong designs that always opt for predictability over complex beauty - I create platforms that innovation can be soundly bolted to (and if necessary, unbolted from.) While I've always left it to others to make it pretty I've always made it work.

The way for all of this to work is passion (I love this stuff,) commitment (this is going to work,) an ability to see things in simple terms (neatly stacked boxes,) and getting the right people (on the bus) to make these projects look easy. The most important aspect is being able to explain it to anyone. Far too many technologists simply glaze your eyes over with technobabble without ever explaining the reasons for change.